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Business Needs

If you run a business you know that business intersects with many areas of the law.  Ohly Law Office helps business owners conduct their business in accordance with the law while keeping an eye toward reducing litigation and other common legal pitfalls.  Common areas of concern include Read More

LLC Formation

Limited Liability Companies (LLCS) have become one of the most popular vehicles for small business ownership. LLCs, if properly registered and maintained, provide individuals protection from unlimited personal liability and are relatively easy to manage. Ohly Law Office has a wealth of experience dr...

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Employment Law

Second only to the relationship of husband and wife, the relationship of employer and employee is the most litigious of relationships. Ohly Law Office has represented both employees and employers in disputes arising out of the employment relationship. Common Areas of employment law include: wrongful...

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Ohly Law provides assistance to clients in defending, bringing or contemplating legal action. The attorneys at Ohly Law have experience representing clients in, employment, real estate, contract, landlord/tenant, and other forms of civi...

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Contract Disputes

Contract disputes arise every day. One way to avoid contract disputes is to draft the contract properly, covering as many foreseeable situations as possible. Of course, even a perfectly drafted contract cannot prevent a party from failing to perform. Ohly Law Office provides assistance to clients by...

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Do you have a Will? You have probably heard this question before. A Will is one tool available when designating who receives your assets upon your death. By making a Will, you have the ability not only to designate the heirs of your property, but also to name guardians for your children, the age at ...

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Have you every heard someone say they were setting up a trust to avoid probate? Trusts can help people avoid probate reduce tax implication of an estate or simply keep an estate a private matter, but Trusts require more than simply drafting a document. Ohly Law provides its clients with assistance i...

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Working with Probate Courts throughout Minnesota for the past 35 years, Ohly Law Office handles the complicated requirements for each county.  Whether the estate has real property, stocks, or any other asset that requires probate, we make sure that the Personal Representative has complete knowledge ...

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Real Estate

For many people a house represents more than just a place to live. For many, a house is the single largest investment they will ever make. Yet, like any transaction, there are potential problems that may arise when Read More