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Working with Probate Courts throughout Minnesota for the past 35 years, Ohly Law Office handles the complicated requirements for each county.  Whether the estate has real property, stocks, or any other asset that requires probate, we make sure that the Personal Representative has complete knowledge of what is expected throughout the process.

From the initial client consultation, we work closely with the personal representative to identify and collect the assets of the estate.  We also maintain contact with the probate registrar to assure that all documents are complete and filed in a timely manner.

As claims against the estate are identified, we give direction to the personal representative for a speedy and efficient settlement of all claims.  When the time period for filing claims has expired, we work diligently with the personal representative to prepare the final account and also help with a plan of division to distribute the assets to the heirs.  We then file the necessary papers to close the estate.

Responses from former clients indicate that we are very accessible for questions or concerns throughout the process. Veronica Theobald is our Probate Assistant and she is always available to guide personal representatives through the myriad of details a probate involves.

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