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Real Estate


Real Estate

For many people a house represents more than just a place to live. For many, a house is the single largest investment they will ever make. Yet, like any transaction, there are potential problems that may arise when buying or selling real estate. Since 1971, Ohly Law Office has been helping both buyers and sellers avoid and solve problems that may arise when purchasingrefinancing or selling.

I. The Real Property Transaction (The Closing)

Houses are no longer bought and sold with a handshake. Today a handshake is only the start. Once the buyer and seller have signed the purchase agreement, the representatives of the parties must do the work necessary to make the closing possible. Sellers must obtain loan payoff information, and update the abstract for their property, while buyers must obtain financing. Ohly Law Office makes certain that come closing, both parties are ready.

II. Other Real Property Services Areas

One way to prevent problems at the closing table is to draft a comprehensive purchase agreement. A myth exists that purchase agreements are not serious documents. Many potential buyers assume they can simply “get out” of an agreement after it has been signed. Purchase Agreements however, are legally enforceable contracts. Just like any other contract, failure to perform opens the non-performing party to potential liability. Ohly Law helps both buyers and sellers in the preparation of purchase agreements, and helps navigate disputes and questions as they arise.

Selling Your House

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